Tuesday, 12 August 2008

11th of august


this is my first summer as a courier in paris. i knew everybody in france goes away on holiday in august, but i wasn't expecting it to be so, so quiet. i've done about 6 jobs today. luckily we have a fixed (basic) salary, otherwise money would be crap this month.
it's a bit like being on holiday myself, riding my bike around in paris, with very little traffic, enjoying the city, the sights, finding new spots (like this little park in friedland/balzac) and with some time to think, read and write.
i've just finished reading for the second time "the immortal class". i love this book so much for some many reasons. the first time i read it i wasn't even working as a messenger. i remember dreaming of being a bicycle courier. i never had the chance when i lived in spain and then in england, but i knew it was what i wanted to do. it's always been my dream, since i was in school... i think. but for one reason or another i never got to do it.
until last october, when i decided to quit my job in england and move to paris with my girlfriend, and make my dream come true.
today (yesterday) i'm 39 and i'm happy:
living and working in panam, doing what i love, riding my bike for a living.


kev said...

nice post joaquim.

Ibán said...

Muy bonito! Felicidades por el cumpleaños y enhorabuena por la felicidad!! Da gusto leer cosas así.
Keep it up, mate!

joaquin said...

cheers kev
muchas gracias iban
bonne route

Anonymous said...

bonitas palabras primo, se te nota muy contento.
Y felicidades con retraso!

manuel ponce