Saturday, 26 April 2008

gios torino

gios torino, originally uploaded by pedalturista.

work bike...

R.I.P. rosa

R.I.P. rosa, originally uploaded by pedalturista.

shit happens (part 2, the end)

Saturday, 19 April 2008

merci (mes potes) les coursiers

il y a 3 mois j'ai commencé a travailler chez urban cycle.
c'eté un peu dur au debut, mais avec votre aide j'ai réussi et je m'amuse bien.
j'adore ce boulot:
(c'est mon rêve)

je roule (plus ou moins vite) en vélo tout la journée. je apprends les plus rapides chemins dans paris et je connais panam un peu mieux chaque jour. et je apprends toujours le français (chistole et le français français quoi) aussi.

je travaille avec les meilleurs coursiers á vélo de paris.
je suis trés fier de travailler avec vous.
et je vous remercie.

bonne route

urban cycle team photo by Pat

Thursday, 10 April 2008

back to work

back to work
Originally uploaded by pedalturista

(first day)
back on my bike
(after the accident)

(my knee still hurts a little bit but)
it feels so good

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

the olympic flame (shit happens)

shit happens, originally uploaded by pedalturista.

i crossed pont carroussel, on my way to a delivery in rue auber, i wanted to cut across le louvre but the olympic flame was about to pass by there so the road was closed and the cops wouldn't let me cross, so i had to go on quai francois mitterand... my campy zonda got caught up on the pave... i remember seeing my front wheel coming off the fork... and then i just flew over the bars... hands first, then my left knee on the pave... then i rolled over and saw my wheel flying away and the rest of the bike across the road... my messenger bag stopped me. i got up. a cop asked me " ça va?" and picked up my bike... my wheel had 4 spokes broken. the fork is a bit bent. i sat there trying to figure out what happened. i saw the olympic flame surrounded by cops everywhere passed by. i booed...
i was lucky, i guess. i blame the pitlock (somehow it came loose?).
my knee still hurts. i hope i can go back to work on thursday.
(i've borrowed sophie's front wheel again)

Saturday, 5 April 2008


package, originally uploaded by pedalturista.

how big is too big... ?

(my lunch was also in there somewhere in my messenger bag)