Sunday, 25 November 2007


homework, originally uploaded by pedalturista.

i did some work on my bike today...
i'd been using 32c tyres for a while but i wanted to try my bontrager 23c's ... we'll see how they work on the pave.
and i changed my 90mm salsa (upside down) stem for my 100mm nitto (a little bit more rise).
now i need to fix my mavic cosmos wheel... but in the meantime i'm using the front wheel off my touring bike (mavic 501 on 36 open pro)...

this is how my wheel was after the accident...

my wheel after the accident

... broken spoke...

broken spoke

annie saw what happened:
"the accident happened so quickly, and it was all so surreal.
i must have just ridden past you or looked back to say something to you,
when it looked like you got your tire wedged between the cobble stones
and just flipped over 180 degrees; bike flying over you, but still attached..."
and my helmet was in my bag... i'm lucky.

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